Swansacre Policies

Swansacre Playgroup is governed by The Care Inspectorate and operates according to the necessary Policies and Procedures by legal requirement.  Copies of these documents are available to read in Swansacre Playgroup.  Please ask staff or a committee member if you would like to view these.


Our fees are agreed annually at our AGM and voted for by our committee and any other parents/carers attending the AGM.  A notice of current fees is displayed in Swansacre.

You will be required to read the Fee Policy and confirm you agree to our payment term, prior to your child being accepted at Swansacre.

A two week notice is required for withdrawal of a child from Swansacre, and fees are due for these two weeks whether the child attends Swansacre or not.

We also accept various child care vouchers.  Please speak to a Playleader for more details.

Adult Ratio

Our adult to children ratios are 1 adult to 5 children aged 2-3 years and 1 adult to 8 children aged 3 – 5 years.

We operate a parent duty rota for Playgroup, Garden Guddle, and Rising 5’s to help cover ratios.

There will be two Playleaders on duty at every session, in the event of staff absence staff members may be substituted by two Volunteer Duty Cover’s (VDC’s).

Parent Duty

Swansacre operates a parent duty rota as detailed in our Parent-Carer Duty Policy.  As we cannot afford to cover our adult to children ratios with paid and voluntary (disclosed) staff for all sessions, we expect parents/carers to help staff as per our rota system.  This allows staff to spend their time with the children, rather than tidying/cleaning, etc. and means that they are free to assist children with toileting and hand washing in the knowledge that the remaining children are supervised.

There are several volunteers available to cover your duty if you are unable to arrange a swap with another parent/carer.

You are responsible for reimbursing the volunteers expenses directly at the beginning of the shift they are covering on your behalf. Parent/Carer Duty is required for all sessions.

Suitable Clothes

Our Outdoor Policy states that children will be encouraged to spend time playing outside at each session. Children will be taken outside in wet, cold and snowy weather as well as in hot weather unless it is extreme or poses a danger to the health and wellbeing of the children.

Please send your children appropriately dressed with suitable headgear and footwear.

Please apply sunscreen to your child before leaving them at playgroup and provide appropriate clothing in their bag: Hat, gloves, scarf, wellies, sunhat, socks, waterproof trousers etc.…

Please name footwear and outerwear!! 

Food Policy – Snacks & Lunch Club

Swansacre offers a healthy snack each day and displays a weekly menu prominently in Swansacre.  If your child has any food allergies or intolerances please advise staff immediately and see the section below on Medication.  Please read our Healthy Eating Policy for more details regarding our snacks.

At Lunch Club, we promote healthy eating, so we ask that you do not send fizzy drinks or excessive amounts of sweets. We encourage children to attempt to eat all of their packed lunch contents, so please think of how much your child is likely to eat!.

We also ask that you do not include any nuts (or items containing nuts) within the lunch boxes.

Settling In

Swansacre Playgroup operates a key worker scheme whereby each child is allocated to one member of staff, as their key worker.  We aim for your child to start playgroup on a session when his/her key worker is present.

The key worker will help with settling in and provide consistency of care to your child during the settling in period.  Please read our Settling in Policy for more details.  We are very flexible in our approach to settling in, as each child is individual and settles at his/her own pace.  However, we do advise from the very beginning that the parent/carer leave for at least part of the first session, as otherwise the child can get a false impression and think that the parent/carer will always be staying.  Please speak to a member of staff if you have any queries or issues regarding settling in!

Illness & Absence

It is our policy not to accept any child who has been vomiting or had diarrhoea until at least 48 hours has elapsed after the illness.  If you are concerned about the health of your child, please discuss your concerns with a Playleader prior to leaving your child at Swansacre.  There is an exclusion criteria for childcare fact sheet displayed at Swansacre for your information.

If your child is ill and will not be attending a session or you are going to be on holiday, please advise staff either beforehand or on the morning of that session.  Otherwise, staff must contact you to find out the reason for the absence in line with our Child Protection Policy.


Staff at Swansacre would prefer parents and carers to discourage children from bringing their own toys into our premises.  The exception to this is any item, blanket, or toy that is a comforter for your child.  Please speak to a Playleader to advise how the comforter is used by your child.

Toileting and Nappy Changing

In line with our Child Protection Policy, all toileting, nappy changing and handwashing at the sinks beside the toilets will be dealt with by ONLY our staff having been satisfactorily disclosure checked as per the Disclosure Scotland Act.  Please read our Toileting and Nappy Changing Policy for details.

When your child is toilet training, please advise a Playleader to allow them to work with you and support your child in whatever way you feel appropriate in order to make the transition from nappies to pants as stress free as possible for your child.  Also, in case of accident, please supply spare clothes in a bag with your child’s name on.

Please complete a Toileting Information Form for playgroup children.

Medication Policy

As per our Medication Policy, please advise a Playleader before you leave your child at Swansacre for the first time if your child has any health issues which may require the Playleader to administer medication either regularly or as a one off.

The Playleader/Lead Practitioner will contact Early Years Scotland before agreeing to administer any medication apart from Calpol, Inhalers or antibiotics, whether this be routine or emergency.  This procedure is for insurance purposes.  Early Years Scotland will advise of the outcome in writing. A child may not be left without their parent/carer until this is agreed.  This will be the same should a child develop a condition after starting playgroup.  Please ensure that the correct written information/forms have been submitted to playgroup prior to leaving your child when they need to be given medication by a Playleader.

Additional Support Needs Statement

Children with Additional Support Needs will not be excluded from Swansacre Playgroup.

Please contact a Playleader if you require any further information.

Promoting Positive Behaviour

Challenging behaviour is taken very seriously at Swansacre and every effort is made to work with parents in dealing with this.  Our staff will inform you of any issues they feel need addressing and will work with you as detailed in our Promoting Positive Behaviour Policy which is displayed on our policy noticeboard.  Our staff will physically remove any child that is causing a danger to themselves or others.

Child Protection

Swansacre Playgroup is inspected by The Care Inspectorate who ensures that we operate in line with our Child Protection Policy.  We also operate within the Perth and Kinross Child Protection guidelines.

Our named child protection officer is our Lead Practitioner, who will be informed if there is a suspicion of child neglect, etc.  The Lead Practitioner has the right to inform the area child protection team in any event concerning a child attending Swansacre Playgroup without consulting the parent/carer.

Collection of Children

Please inform staff when you drop your child off at playgroup if someone else is going to collect them.  You will need to give details of the nominated person and sign our Alternative Collection Log, as will the nominated person on their arrival.  If you do not inform staff your child may not be released to the nominated person.


In the event of a fire/emergency at Swansacre all children will be taken to Kinross Day Care Centre, High Street Kinross and all parents/carers will be contacted and asked to collect their child from this location as soon as possible.  Please review our Health & Safety Policy and Procedure.

Working in Partnership with Parents

Swansacre Playgroup is run by a committee of parents and carers who are responsible for the success of the group.  Please speak to a Playleader if you feel you would be able to help the committee in any way or if you would like to take on a specific role within the committee.  We are always looking for our parents to help with day to day running of the group and with fundraising events.

 Please remember, Swansacre Playgroup is your playgroup.

Photographs and the Internet

Parents are asked to give permission for photographs to be taken of their child. These are mostly used for their individual care plans, which they receive at the end of the year. Permission will be sought for the images to be displayed in Swansacre, or on Facebook/our Website.  Permission is also required for the use and distribution (to other parents) of photographs where your child is participating in group activities or in the background of a photo of another child. This information should be given at first registration and reviewed every 6 months thereafter.


Swansacre shares an access point with neighbours and rely on our members being considerate when dropping off and collecting children.

  • Please respect our neighbours – please do not park across their garage; please leave buggies and bikes against the wall of Swansacre, not our neighbours’ wall;
  • Please do not smoke or drop cigarette ends or litter in the vicinity of Swansacre.
  • Please do not leave bikes and buggies outside when on duty.  Bring buggies inside and speak to a Playleader about bikes.

Thank you for respecting our neighbours.

Data Protection

Swansacre is fully compliant with Data Protection legislation. We also collate information which is legally required from the Care Inspectorate and our insurances.

We are very strict about confidential information and how we handle it. The information we collate is necessary in order ensure we provide the highest standard of care. There is a Data Protection Policy which is displayed on our notice board for your reference.

We seek permission to use personal data, such as (but not limited to), photographs and email addresses.

You can request to see the information we hold on you or your child at any time, please refer to the policy for directions on how to do this.

You have a right to withdraw permission for us to use data at any time, please refer to the policy for directions on how to do this.

 Please do not discuss anything that happens during a playgroup session out with Swansacre.

Complaints Policy

Complaints can be made to a member of staff, committee, or our Lead Practitioner in the first instance.  Every complaint will be taken seriously and dealt with in the strictest of confidence in line with our Complaints Policy.

Our Complaints Policy is displayed on our Noticeboard.

Parents and carers can contact The Care Inspectorate directly at the following address to report any complaints without first informing Swansacre Playgroup:

Compass House

11 Riverside Drive



01382 207100

Complaints 0845 6030890
Please read the Complaints Procedure displayed on our notice board for further information.